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July 25, 2021

Just Blaze Posts Photo of ASR-10 Kanye West Used During Roc-a-Fella’s Heyday

“I remember one day when I was making beats in her crib, she told me, Kanye, until you make money off this, it’s a hobby.’ But she’s never the type to say nothing negative toward music. She wanted to get me the keyboard with the big keys so I could learn how to play. The other keyboards had small keys, but that one had sequences on it so I could play and save it. But she didn’t buy me that one because it was $50 more. She was like, I don’t want to pay for that.’ Then she turned around, totally redeeming herself, and she helped me get my ASR 10 keyboard.””

(https://ift.tt/3eLh7D1) via Instapaper