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Working as an experience designer at Amazon. This is a daily journal including notes and quotes from recent readings.

November 13, 2020

How to get promoted

Third, while you shouldn’t take performative rituals at face value, you must still perform them— enthusiastically and with gusto. In countries like Japan, Russia, and parts of Eastern Europe, to successfully work with someone you must drink with them. Drinking is a trust building ritual and a mechanism to signal that you are part of the in-group. No drinking, no promotion. In corporate America the lion’s share of this signaling is done through proselytizing management technologies. Going to meetings, talking about KPIs, OKRs, collaboration, Agile— all are shibboleth to signal you’re part of the in-group, in the same way drinking is an in-group signal in other parts of the world. No shibboleth, no promotion.”

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