Ridwan Sanusi - Interaction Designer

Working as an experience designer at Amazon. This is a daily journal including notes and quotes from recent readings.

July 19, 2020

From Gut to Plan: The Thoughtful Execution Framework

Even though it’s crucial to leverage as much data and insights as possible when framing the problems and opportunities you should tackle, it’s unrealistic to assume that you should know everything before moving forward. Different companies and teams have different levels of access to data and research, and not having enough insights available is a common situation. Think of alternative ways of gathering quick insights. Benchmark similar products or run a quick expert evaluation on your product. If you have the possibility, you can also run learning experiments on your product that provide you with additional insights. It’s also perfectly fine to use your gut when framing opportunities, but do it consciously and check if your assumptions were actually true.”

(https://spotify.design/) via Instapaper